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#MagKAISA for One Health

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

ICYMI: Student-made infographics and videos nabbed the top prizes at KAISA: The One Health Awareness Campaign.

KAISA was an awareness campaign intended to encourage awareness, appreciation, utilization, and critical thinking on One Health and its applications among university students in the Philippines. The two-month campaign was the first of its kind for PhilOHUN, and its main event was the Video and Infographic Contest. The Contest challenged university students all over the Philippines to create the most creative and informative posters and videos on One Health and rabies in commemoration of World Rabies Day on 28 September 2022. An Instagram Quiz Bee on One Health and virtual One Health Mentoring Sessions were also held from 22-26 August 2022 and 10 September 2022, respectively, to promote the event and to raise awareness on the One Health approach. Contest entries were posted on the PhilOHUN Facebook page for a Like and Share Contest, receiving thousands of engagements and reaching up to 13,000 people and counting.

The Top 3 entries under the Video and Infographic categories were awarded in a virtual awarding ceremony streamed live on the PhilOHUN Facebook page last 26 September 2022.

Winners for the Infographic category were:

  • Dahil Rabis Kitang Mahal by Sofia Dominique Delos Reyes and Joan Crisselle Deladia of University of the Philippines Diliman (2nd runner-up)

  • All About Rabies and How to Prevent it! by Leangela Dacayo of University of the Philippines Manila (1st runner-up)

  • Paglalaban sa Pagkalat ng Rabies sa Pilipinas by Carl Dexter Donor of University of the Philippines Manila (Champion)

Entries that won under the Video category were:

  • Nano an Rabies? by Micah Jessica Granada of University of Eastern Philippines (2nd runner-up)

  • Roof - A Short Mobile Documentary Film by Erin Dacanay of Saint Louis University (1st runner-up)

  • Behind Collars: Digging for the Naked Truth towards Rabies-free Community by Angel Jhos Supan, Irish Shane Villavicencio, and Rhenzell Mae Valdez of Pampanga State Agricultural University (Champion)

The entries detailed important facts on rabies such as its common reservoirs and symptoms, the prevalence and incidence of the disease in the Philippines, ways to prevent a rabies infection, and existing programs and policies working towards rabies prevention and control. Champions, 1st runners-up and 2nd runners-up received cash prizes amounting to PHP 11,000.00, PHP 5,500.00, and PHP 2,750.00, respectively.

KAISA: The One Health Awareness Campaign would not be possible without the generosity of Chevron, the Southeast Asia One Health University Network (SEAOHUN) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID); our partnership with the University of the Philippines Medical Students for Social Responsibility as co-organizer; and the involvement of the following 16 student organizations as our social media partners: Phi Lambda Delta Sorority, Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity, PSAU - Veterinary Medicine Student Council, USM-CVM Local Student Government, The Stellar, Mu Sigma Phi Sorority, UERM Allied Rehabilitation Sciences Student Council, UPLB CAS SC, UP Manila Belle, UERM MSC, Saribuhay UPM, UP Physician-Scientists Association, UP Pharmaceutical Association Student Council, UP Health Sciences and Pre-Medicine Society, UP Pre-Medical Honor Society, and UP MedChoir.



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